How to submit form in jquery dialog

Another great way of utlizing jQuery to enhance user experience is to not just validate, but to submit your form entirely without a page refresh. In this tutorial I'll show you how easy it is to do just that -- submit a contact form that sends an email, without page refresh using jQuery!

jQuery UI Dialog - javatpoint jQuery UI dialog example for beginners and professionals with examples of jQuery UI specifies that you can use an HTML element in the form of a dialog box.

8 May 2013 Dino show how to get a more sophisticated modal input form based on Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery Validate, and XmlHttpRequest (XHR). in their classic clunky pattern of browser-led 'submit' of content, using the FORM tag.

How to create CRUD and popup form with ajax in Laravel 5.5 10 Nov 2018 popup form with laravel 5.5, bootstrap 4 modal dialog, and jquery ajax. id="search"/>